The Principal's Office

 King Hintsa members of both Academic and Support Staff allow me to extend my warm welcome to you all after the summer break. I hope you enjoyed your break with your families and the loved ones whom we always sacrifice due to work commitments, and now let’s start 2018 with a positive note. 2018 marks the beginning of the 4th year of our 5th year Strategic Plan 2014 – 2019. King Hintsa is an institution recognized for training academic excellence, and is responsive to the social and economic needs of our communities. 

The huge challenge we had in 2017 was a total shut-down by student body SAFETSA due to numerous challenges the Sector is experiencing. As the College we also experienced a very long student unrest around implementation of the National Bursary guidelines. The strike compromised Teaching & Learning and resulted to Nated students forfeiting the Semester 1 examinations. As the College we are thankful to the intervention by stakeholders in our Municipalities who were very much concerned about the impasse and continuously engaged with Management and Student Leaders to resolve the unrest. That proved that education is a societal matter which every citizen and stakeholder must play a role. As employees in education we must understand that education is bigger than ourselves.

For 2016 Academic year King Hintsa TVET College was awarded by the former Honourable Minister Dr Blade Nzimande as a best performing TVET College in the country in the NATED Program with 73.1% in certification rate. That symbolizes the hard work, dedication, passion and resilence displayed by you when doing your work, and the potential in the College. As this achievement is appreciated it also brings a challenge for us to maintain it at that level and make sure that the NCV program that obtained 51.9% and ranked as number 3 out of 50 Colleges is pulled up to reach the National Target. I have a firm belief that together we can do more and reclaim the space for the College to be amongst the best and become the College of Excellence.

In the Curriculum space the College is growing because for 2017 we registered Nated programs in Tourism and Hospitality. This development necessitated that we introduce a Satellite Campus for Centane in Kobonqaba. Also Msobomvu Campus now is no longer a satellite for Teko. It is a stand alone Campus. It is in our background that we are confident that the above successes will continue to be achieved.

CETA further acknowledged the College as the best training provider in the construction related programs, and therefore as the College we need to enhance that and identify the trade which is related to the achievement to define the Centre of Specialization for the College.

There has been improvement in the College audit finding for 2016, as a qualification after the 3 consecutive disclaimers since 2013-2015. Together let us improve the internal controls, compliance issues and attain the College target of an unqualified for 2017 going forward a clean audit.

I am confident that with some additional efforts, innovation, motivation and drive, the College should be able to celebrate the College’s 15th anniversary in 2018 with a sense of achievement and pride. I therefore request us to enter 2018 with pride and uphold the values of the College.

As the College Principal I appreciate the positive growing working relationship we are having across all staff and the support and strategic direction that we get from the Council. It is clear that if we consolidate our efforts and focus on achieving our strategic objectives we can become better and better in our delivery.

Yours in the Education and Training Sector for Quality Education and Skills Development.