Akhona Makhalima appointed by FIFA to be a referee official in the 2023 Women’s World Cup

King Hintsa TVET College” the institution located geographically in a rural setup of the Eastern Cape has had one of its alumnae “Akhona Makhalima” being appointed by FIFA to be a referee official in the 2023 Women’s World Cup hosted by Australia-New Zealand. This is a moment for the institution (KHC) to pride itself for having one of its graduates internationally recognised amongst the best. One of education’s cornerstones is to impart discipline which goes beyond what one would have studied formally in a lecture room. Its a culture and the good principle of doing things that best describes discipline which in this case Makhalima is an embodiment of.

This moment is worth celebrating because it assists in suppressing the wrong narrative, that less of progressive would come out of a TVET space, particularly in participating positively in the world of sport, individuals such as Makhalima deserve all the support for they are a mirror reflection of a College alumni we would want to see.

This young lady hails from the dusty streets of Cofimvaba, one of the Eastern Cape towns which gave birth to a notable struggle icon and anti – apartheid activist Chris Hani.

Makalima is also known for establishing her own women’s sports academy focused on empowerment and mentorship that offers opportunities for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to engage in sports. This on its own demonstrates that Makhalima is a strong character and is one amongst many of Women who are on their own and are a motivation to young girls from both rural and urban backgrounds.

We wish her the best in her call by FIFA to officiate some of the 2023 Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand games. A call she has worked so hard for. She is a woman of passion and compassion. With her zeal, zest and enthusiasm she flies the South African flag high and that of the ‘Home of Gallants’.