Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Wednesday, 22 February 2023 marked a historic event for our local communities as King Hintsa TVET College Walter Sisulu University and Mnquma Local Municipality renewed their vows in what would be deemed a tri-party marriage. In the past the municipality had two separate MoUs between WSU and KHC respectively and; likewise KHC and WSU with each other, however in this newly formed agreement we will see all three institutions working in a triangular fashion. The agreement will be in place for Five Years starting from the inception day (22/03/2023) and will be reviewed annually.

To ensure that the document is not just ”for show” a steering committee consisting of members from all the institutions has crafted an Implementation Plan to serve as a blueprint for the sustainability of this partnership and ensure that the MoU serves its purpose. Amongst other things the MoU seeks to promote sharing of resources, tackling of development opportunities and overall development of our communities.

On behalf of College Council and Management, Acting- Principal Mr TE Ntlangano pledged that KHC would in the name of progress and innovation; be committed to the MoU, put in effort in ensuring it’s sustainability and furthermore commit necessary resources for the success of this project which can be seen as a“beacon of hope” for our community.